Module 2
Overview of the Criminal Justice System


The criminal justice system is complex. This module is designed to give you a basic sense of the process, from where to sit in the courtroom to what all those unfamiliar terms mean. 

This module will:

  • Define the unique language of the criminal justice system;
  • Provide a timeline of the process; and
  • Explain what typically takes place during each stage of the process.

Victim advocates have a role at each stage of the criminal justice system process which is why understanding the process is critically important to advocates’ work. This module will provide a bird’s eye view of the criminal justice system. Module 7 will explore precisely what victim advocates’ roles can be at each stage and tips for advocates to insert themselves into the process and fulfill their role within the system.

This module will be available to you as soon as you complete Module 1. To complete a module, you must read each of the lessons and complete the review quiz at the end.

It is important to finish Module 1 so that you have sufficient context for the rest of the program. After that, you'll have full access to jump between lessons however works best for you.

Tip: In the left sidebar, you'll notice a vertical bar of squares. Each square represents a lesson in that module. You can see at a glance which lessons you've done (brightly colored) and which ones you have not (gray).

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